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Ultimate Love and Passion

A place where singles dedicated to personal growth and development can connect with others at a higher level. Here you will confidently meet men and women who speak your language of authenticity and self-awareness ~ who really "get" you. You will continue to learn and grow from our international relationship experts in an atmosphere of optimism, inspiration, and understanding.  Here, you will find your Ultimate Love and Passion. Come on in...magic happens here!

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Our Mission: You

We believe in You! We also believe in Love. Our mission is to help you connect with your tribe, like-minded individuals who "get" it and "get" you, and find and create your ultimate love. In doing so, you will live a life filled with even more passion, joy, adventure, laughter, fun, gratitude and love.

You aren't alone on this journey. Our mission is fulfilled both through our dating app and through tools and services we provide to help you present your best self. From profile writing to dating coaching, from webinars on masculine/feminine to how to dress for success on a date, we are your ultimate resource to find your love and never have to join another dating site again!

"I found true love! ULP was the best experience I ever had on a dating site. I learned so much and felt totally supported. It works!"

- Matt, from CA

About Us

Ultimate Love and Passion began in 2012 out of founder Julie Keywell's quest for true love. She was looking for something different that she couldn't find on Match, Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid. She knew there had to be men out there that were dedicated to personal growth and were looking for their ultimate love...relationship at a higher level.

So she started by putting up a group on Facebook. And before she knew it, there were hundreds of members, and connections were being made every day. Couples were moving countries for each other and finding love in their own back yard. They were getting married and having babies. Magic was happening!

She saw the need for a more robust platform to continue to connect, learn and grow in relationship. So she combined forces with Chuck Schultz, international coach and speaker in the personal development arena (who was also looking for love), and a business dedicated to serving you was born!

Ultimate Love and Passion has become the leading destination online for singles who are  into personal development to connect, find love and continue to grow in the area of relationship. In addition to appearing on national television, ULP has worked with brands like Chicken Soup for the Soul and thought leaders like Mastin Kipp, Allison Armstrong and RMT Training.

What about Chuck? He is on his quest and has had many magical moments with women from ULP. And Julie? After a few relationships with outstanding men from ULP, one stood out from the rest and magic happened!

So, you see, we are you and we are here to show you the way to your brilliant reality.

Ready to find your Ultimate Love?

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